The oceans are threatened. Oil drilling, deep water mines, industrial fishing...

Those urgent issues have one thing in common: noise pollution.

Awareness campaign, webdesign, visual identity.

Noise disturbs all species of the sea, even the ones that don't hear. It can even lead to voluntary stranding due to stress or disorientation.

By raising awareness on noise pollution, we fight against nocive human activity in the oceans.

You can turn the sound off. They can’t.

Instagram strategy: an interactive feed where people can listen to the sounds of the ocean... the real sounds of the ocean: cargos, zodiacs and sonars. Users only have to press the posts of the feed!

A playlist accessible via QR Codes on posters invites people to relax and listen to the ocean. Again... the real sounds of the ocean.

The goal with all these displays is to make people sign the Greenpeace petition to classify 30% of the ocean as nature reserve, to avoid its complete destruction.